Leon Russell: Self-Titled

With 50 spam accounts created in the last week alone, the Trump dynasty is proving to be massively successful for PT. In so much as we enjoy being covered in bullshit. Speaking of being covered in bullshit, does anyone else think we are now living on the dystopian set of Back To The Future 2?


Leon Russell has been playing music for 60+ years and this is his first album. Everyone in America should listen to it, or, if you listened to it when it was released but accidentally altered reality after traveling back in time to save your future self from some present atrocity only to realize your mistake upon returning to the present then traveled back in time again to fix said mistake, listen to it again. Easy.

A Song For You kicks off the album with a heartbreaking piano run, the lilting descent of the global psyche.  It finishes with a brilliant Masters of War, Dylan’s anti-war diatribe against chicken-hawking corruption within the system put to mock patriotic anthem.


UPDATE: Leon Russell, Dead at 74 years old this morning. Unspeakable curses.

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