Ladysmith Black Mambazo: Always With Us

Paul Simon‘s one-and-only Graceland is the defining album of my childhood. More than any other music, those 11 tracks transport me back to our rickety Volkswagen bus: the brothers “grab-assing” as we slowly traversed the arid Central Valley – Yosemite so close, yet so far for an incorrigible seven-year-old. From 1986 on, there was one cassette perpetually in our tape deck, various Beach Boys mixes came and went, but for me, Graceland is, and will always be, the best album of all time.  Continue reading “Ladysmith Black Mambazo: Always With Us”

The Futureheads: Rant

There are the haters:

It’s been called “a stunt. It’s been called “a novelty record”.

And there are the lovers:

“Beautiful in the Buff”, they shout! Slate proclaims, “it’s certainly not a novelty record”.

British punk-rockers, The Futureheads, most recent release, Rant, is how the band is announcing that they’re no longer “British punk-rockers”. From hence forth, The Futureheads are musicians, musicians who do whatever they damn-well please. A position much respected within the Paisley Walls.

If you listen to each of The Futureheads’ records secretly pining for a second Hounds of Love, this album will increase your longing to include twelve additional tracks. If you hate when your favorite band releases an LP that instantly expands the fan-base beyond just you, stop listening to music, stub your toe on the nearest debris strewn curb and fall down a dimly-lit, piss-filled, concrete stairwell, as Rant is sure to make you kill yourself anyway.

Oh, and The Black Eyed Peas suck. It takes an amazing band to resurrect one of their kindergarden R&B-pop-crap travesties from the depths of egg-sucking sell-out hell into the pure glory exhibited on Rant.

At lease that’s this guy’s opinion. And now you know.

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